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This year's those fashion color sunglasses to show small face on sale,do you buy it?

Posted by admin 03/08/2017 0 Comment(s)

Just started buying sunglasses, I like to buy classic models, such as my first pair of sunglasses is Ray-ban silver aviator sunglasses, the second pair is Gentle Monster big black Frame, but later found, those does not so suitable for me. My skin color is partial yellow, if not make-up, it is more dark yellow, and pilots sunglasses, probably only fit for the face of special three-dimensional people.

But in the past two years, I began to buy color sunglasses, that the whole people are bright up. Gentle Monster last year this pair of small yellow sells very hot, and this year, almost all of the brands have color sunglasses on sale now.


"Vogue", this year are also in the issue of color sunglasses, also count the passed 10 years to now,those idol love colored glasses. (10 years ago idol who love color sunglasses has: Depp, Hilton, Britney Spears, now: Kendall, Gigi, Bella) now it is popular again!

The Blogger, from the beginning of the spring, has been talking about the color sunglasses, each items  are so attractive, really want to buy  buy buy.

Here to introduce some fashion color sunglasses, worth buying.
1. color lens
If you want to buy your own first color sunglasses, you can choose color lenses. Here are a few worth to start.
Dior so real pop: the year before last Internet star sunglasses: Dior so real, to last year silence, this year immediately out of the color so real pop, and look the same as so real , but the lens into colored. Price is similar to so real .
Ziyi Zhang and Miss Natalie hit sunglasses, and two little faces look very delicate.
Black skin blogger also has several pairs, purple sunglasses is the favorite.
Bella has a blue sunglasses, less picking.
Olivia's red sunglasses is more difficult to hold inside them.
Cheap style:Urban Outfitters:I have been fond of Savi sunglasses, in fact, UO sunglasses I also bought, if the pursuit of texture, do not recommended, UO wear daily has very high cost performance. Its Lens shape is oval, I think the Asian people quite suitable . There are four colors, the most  people to buy blue sunglasses, the other three colors I feel pretty good too.
Quay aviator sunglasses: Quay is my favorite cheap sunglasses brand, I think the price is not expensive, the texture is also good,the shape of the pilot sunglasses,the frame is relatively large, or will shape a small face, can be the replacement of the front GM's small yellow.


2. Color round frame sunglasses
Why i select the color round frame sunglasses out? Because it makes the face really small , like this year I bought a pair of Gucci yellow big round frame,do not pick people, shading is also very good.
Gucci this year there is a transparent large round frame sunglasses, especially love it, just a little expensive
Miumiu this year's Valentine's Day limited section, the middle is heart-shaped large round frame , very special! (Now may not be able to buy it)
Karen Walker: Karen Walker's new sunglasses: Eyeshadow, frameless big round frame , also very spiritual, the price of 15 dollars or so,worth buying! There are pink and brown, because the large frame is super-cover. Lady Gaga also bought it.
Cheap price style: Rayban color round frame sunglasses.
Talk about the popularity of Japan. Recently look at the Japanese magazine, all colored round frame, like Rayban a new borned color round frame, recently often appear. There are many colors, very summer feeling. And the price is not expensive, around 10 dollars, offline counter is more expensive, if you want to buy more style of brand cheap replica sunglasses for men women, pls visit our website or contact us to get the best deal.
Japanese men's brand Rooptokyo also produced a lot of round frame color sunglasses, the price is very cheap, the magazine also appeared.


3. Color gradient sunglasses
Color gradient is also the new trend this year, but one thing is to see sunglasses a little out of touch: In fact, the above and the following color is not the same.
Fendi Rainbow: Fendi this year's new style sunglasses called Rainbow, is the color gradient, super beauty. Green and purple are my love. The square frame is particularly large, round frame and cat's eye is a bit small.
Chloe Carlina: Chloe Carlina is the internet star style last year, the sunglasses frame is large to show small face, brown is also too beautiful! Chloe's thing is the feeling of the little fairies. Chloe Carlina this year and net-a-porter cooperation limited edition, blue and yellow gradient. Sunglasses at the bottom of the spike can be taken down.
Marc Jacobs: Marc Jacobs this year's new sunglasses looks a bit special, purple gradient, I feel a bit slightly complicated. It is basically the focus of the crowd when you wear it. Like to be simple  can also buy the round frame gradient sunglasses.
Cheap price item: Quay
This year, the pair of sunglasses should be considered a particularly high rate of my appearance, and a good match, in addition to gradient color also has other color style. cost a few dollars, the official website and Shopbop also sell this one,online buying  from our website is also very convenient. But I would like to buy orange gradient sunglasses. 

4. Color but  opaque frame
This year's color but opaque frame can also be bought. Shape, I think goose eggs and big frame are nice.
White frame sunglasses is retro, from Saint Laurent. Acne this year very hot style is goose eggs, there are several colors, the lens color is not the same. But the best match is the pair of white frame. Bloggers have recently worn it no matter what to wear. ASOS has a substitute, a few dollars aroung, you can also see.
Cheap price sunglasses: illesteva
Europe and the United States young idol are wearing this sunglasses brand. This year has all kinds of color frame and color lenses, the price of 15 dollars around, and same as GM . I also like this illesteva transparent large color frame, the feeling can cover this half of my face .
cheap style sunglasses: SLY
SLY this year's sunglasses are cooperated with jins together, jins in Japan have a lot of stores, basically no matter where you go can see it. Pink sunglasses also quite many people to buy, online did not find,the offline shop has, the price is in a few dollars or so.  


5. Transparent frame color lens 
Finally to the last! Bloggers have been wearing this year is a transparent but color lens, like a blue Le Specs, do not know what face wearing it will not be funny.
Gentle Monster: GM back to the new introduction of a whole article: "flowers and juvenile" sunglasses,waering all this brand! , GM's biggest change is from the basic black frame to the two years' color frame. This year the most recommended is GM's BLACK PETER, is also suitable for a variety shape of face,  to show a small face.
Cheap sunglasses: Freepeople
This year there are many frameless color lens, like FP this year, I have bought. There are a lot of colors, like the orange selection. FP this year's sunglasses are worth buying, casually pick a few pairs. the girl Lucy Hale recently put on.
Cheap price sunglasses: Rumba Time 
Did not expect, very hot cheap watch brand Rumba Time recently also put out of a similar color frame sunglasses, and Olivia also wear it. I think this pair cat's eye is not too pick face ~ recommended.
Today,among those sunglasses shape, I think the big round frame and the big square frame are relatively show small face, the cat's eye is not too pick face,friends ~
Would also like to write more, but it is too long, you can look at your favoured brand, see if they have some good looking color sunglasses on sale or not!
If you want to buy more cheap, high quality sunglasses of various styles or other copy replica luxury goods, remember to find us , our website is only used for exhibition, not all products are uploaded up, so if you want to buy a certain style, feel free to mail :, contact us.


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