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High copy brand replica designer luxury wholesaler

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What is High copy?

High copy refers to the imitations of the original shape, material and function out of the counterfeit goods.

High imitation,high copy as a term, commonly used in imitation of the production of low technical barriers the high-end consumer goods, such as imitation leather goods, handbags, glasses and other international brands luxury.

High copy, not only copy the genuine shape and other major or all elements,, but also retain the genuine brand logo, so high imitation goods are actually highly simulated counterfeit goods. High imitation copy goods, appearance and workmanship highly imitate genuine, especially the appearance is exactly the same, so ordinary consumers do not look carefully,can not tell the true or false.

The price of the High copy imitation goods usually only a few dozen of the authentic, and because of material, workmanship is similar to the genuine, so the Cost performance is generally high, so not only in China, the world also has a huge market.

High copy high imitations luxury,generally what kind of brands does it have?:

Because most of the luxury, they are expensive, not because of his high production technology, but because the brand design and brand itself is of high value. And the High copy producers high imitation manufacturers , they do not design, do not consider the brand, as long as focus on production, make good quality and cost-effective products.

So the same appearance, the same quality, the price of High copy goods high imitation luxury is far lower than the official products. That's why High copy is so popular.

All the luxury brands have High copy high imitations, such as: GUCCI CHANEL PRDAD Versace Hermes COACH NIKE Adidas Fendi Cartier Ferragamo DIOR MK SLY Vacheron Constantin Patek Philippe Omega Ray-Ban Sunglasses etc. top-branded high imitataion luxury for women and men.


High copy can be divided into several grades and prices:

High copy products can be divided into the bellowing grades according to different quality: B grade, A grade high copy, super A high imitation, 1: 1, the original one,five grades.

The same products, price of B grade goods is the lowest,the original grade is the most expensive. Because there are too many products, so there is no specific data.

Specific high copy product wholesale price,you can contact us.

Below contents is a specific introduction of the High copy high imitation grades:


B Grade copy:

Usually called B grade goods, AB grade goods. The only part is the same as the genuine, probably only LOGO, and may even casually find a wallet or purse, covered with a trademark, as for manufacturers have produced this style or not is not so important, the focus is printed "LOGO" just fine, most Is the stall rating, only one glance can know it is the imitations, the price is also very cheap.

The whole bag material: the main fabric is the worst of the hollow material. Worst materials, worst hardware, worst handmade. (Note: the main fabric is the patterned part,the rest is the white part, A grade is with the leather).


A Grade copy

A grade can be said to be medium goods, better texture than the B grade, leather and sewing machine production are very general, packaging is also slightly better than the B grade goods. But still Fair enough to go, It won't be long before it gets rotten, but not the same as the genuine, become honey wax color gradually goes with the usage time.

The whole bags raw material: the main fabric is an ordinary hollow material, ingredients is the two layers of leather, ordinary hardware, hand craft in general. (Note: the main fabric is the patterned, the part of the ingredients is the white, part of the leather is divided into the first and second layer, the second layer’s toughness is poor.


Super A grade high replica goods 

Made by the imported leather, after use, the color will become honey wax,meet water immediately discoloration. The production process is very fine, the flower, the size, with the original, can be said to be the same. Because the price is reasonable, the quality is good, so more loved by the public.

The whole bags ingredients: the main fabric is the upper solid material. Ingredients is the imported color leather. (Note: the main fabric is for the pattern part, the ingredients is for the white part, the leather is divided into the first and second layer)


1: 1 grade high copy 

The so-called 1:1 is made from imported leather. All bags are strictly in accordance with the genuine to imitate. The difference with the super A grade is mainly in the manual. 1: 1 hand craft is more sophisticated, all the details are very well, some traces can be said to be more beautiful than the original (due to a lot of 1:1 is done by hand, and high imitations is made by the machine,so certainly mre beautiful).

This grade handbags is complicated in all aspects, the factory volume is relatively small, so the price is slightly expensive, but the cost performance is undoubtedly the highest, it is recommended if you want to buy the original, then it is better to buy this level goods.


Original grade high imitation luxury 

The original version is the most high-level imitation, strictly speaking, the original grade should be based on counter genuine products of genuine production, leather materials, hardware etc. should be exactly the same (but in fact,a lot of small factories due to the cost can not achieve this requirements) , And hand-sewn, comparable to genuine.

Although the price is more expensive, but compared to the genuine is still a lot cheaper, with a good feel, fine workmanship advantages, cost performance is high, for those who can not afford genuine, but want to have genuine quality, is the best choice. And Taobao has the so-called "overseas purchasing" ,more use of domestic high-imitation luxury goods go abroad gilded return.


Where to buy wholesale those High copy product,high imitation luxury ?

Most of the High copy high imitation manufacturers, only supply one to three brands and a small number of branded goods.

But is a professional integrated High copy high imitation luxury wholesale platform, there are a variety of different grades, different quality different price products ,All-in-on online store, including shoes, handbags wallets, glasses,belts, watched,clothing,accessories etc., please feel free to contact us, email:

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