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Nike air max series shoes,The most comfortable and best selling sneakers

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Recently,this year,2017 the Nike air max series running shoes is very hot,want to know more information about the new introduced nike air VaporMax shoes, pls keep reading, and if you want to online buy wholesale cheap high copy replica nike snealers sport shoes, pls contact us, or order on our website, we will contact you .

Designers, shopkeepers, game player, they actually invariably put it on!
Recently we have found two men and one women,three people, They are my friends, their work is to work with their love things together, is the protagonist of the interview. From work to life, from music to dressed, we almost talked.
Happened to catch up with the Nike Air VaporMax listed on the market, three with their own understanding of the shoes. In the end the NIKE shoes is good or bad, let's see.
The first one :
Q: talk about your career first.
A: I am currently a designer, have a brand called Feather. As a lover of the streets and fashion culture, to find the favorite clothes is the most important, if not found, only the own design, such as today I wear a brand of my own clothes. At the same time I am also a designer of V.E virtual experiment, occasionally do some part-time work: models.
Q: recommend a music you recently crazy cycle.
A: That is the Bored Stiff in 2001 launched the album "Ghetto Research" :"The Symbol", a rap. How to say, Beats can let the whole person from the beginning to sink into, and sometimes fell asleep can not tell the melody is in the dream or in the player really released.
Q:What style of your dress? Can you tell me a pair of recent shoes you love?
A: Now I do not know what I belong to, the style may still have someone else defined. For me now  comfortable is the best, there may be the streets, mixed point Punk, but probably not, I really do not know what to say. As for the recent favorite shoes, sorry no.
Q: What color matching shoes will be your choice? Whythis day use those clothes to match this pair of Nike Air VaporMax ?
A: black shoes, as a match, I will choose black, conservative, direct and have a great deal with the creation space. this is a color with a sense of the whole body, of course, is my own design clothes, shoes and shoes also played a certain role in the echo, with the most comfortable is the most simple, at least I think so.
Q: What do you feel about the Nike Air VaporMax put on the  feet?

A: believe it or not, like most people, the feet feeling is very soft, should be my recent best pair.
And the upper of the flying line weaving is also a great extent to improve the comfort of this shoes, as a pair of running shoes comfort is the most important. But I still prefer to put it on go into the gym, there is the best use of the feeling, just recently I was recovering fitness, it is necessary!
second one:
Q: Would you like to talk about your job first?
A: Hello everyone I am NaNa, I and my boyfriend are in partnership with a main street brand shop, has been operated stablely for five years. I am mainly responsible for the store's brand sales and promotion, of course, the most important thing is to choose what kind of brand worthy of us to start. Although my work looks very free,fexible work time, but every day is faced with different character, age and even different nationality, which is hard to imagine.
Q: Your dress is more inclined to what style? Can you talk about which pair of shoes is your favourite recently?
A: I think I am more partial Tom Boy style, usually the basic minority are mostly small street brand. Recently, the favorite pair of shoes is a pair of very early launch of the black and white color, in fact, I have been very obsessed with the Nike Air Max series running shoes, may be because of its slightly increased air cushion so that the girl looked thin legs,
Q: What color matching shoes will be your choice? Why use this clothes to match with  this pair of Nike Air VaporMax shoes?
A: The color of shoes I generally are based on the upper body with Tee to choose the color, basically the body will not be more than three or more colors. I use M + RC this half-chain Jackets with this pair of Nike Air VaporMax shoes, firstlt, the color is very harmonious, all belong to the pink line, taking into account the outdoor movement of weather changes, this dress is very thin and windproof, My favor for the natural outdoors is far greater than the gym.

Q: pls discribe about the  Nike Air VaporMax put on the feet?
A:This pair of shoes on the feet I feel very light and very soft, the most important thing is the high comfort, once I think it is wearing a pair of soft elastic cushion with socks. Even if you do not love sports in house like me, but also want to wear it for the 100 meters sprint!
Third people:
Q: Would you like to talk about your job first?
A: I am in a Sino-foreign joint venture sub-cultural media editor & creative, I do not like to go out. For the work is actually nothing to say, I am mainly responsible for the electronic game section, write the own understanding of favorite articles. And my spare time in addition to playing games, basically put on the cartoon.
Q: What color matching shoes will be your choice? Why use this clothes to match with this pair of Nike Air VaporMax shoes ?
A: I personally prefer white, gray and blue shoes. Mainly because it is simple and nice, because I do not like my brother,who is the shoes lovers, like a pair of shoes can buy ten color, I wear shoes more attention to whether it can match more clothes. Hawaiian shirt and plain jeans is basically my spring and summer standard, no matter what shoes I basically so wear.

Q: What do you think about  the Nike Air VaporMax ?
A: I think wearing this pair of shoes will not have beriberi, because the feet feel the layers of screen shoes can filter fungi. I do not understand the shoes, can not tell you those professional words, I think this pair of shoes to wear really feel good, better than any my shoes, this shoe is called Nike Air VaporMax?

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