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Why do I like "cliche" LV bag so much,online buy wholesale cheap LV / Louis Vuitton handbags from china

Posted by admin 19/09/2017 0 Comment(s) , has Cheap Replica Designer Louis Vuitton Bags For Sale,high copy Leather Louis Vuitton Replica Handbags for women buy at a wholesale price,all models for sale.  

Go around the street, eyes are full of LV the old flowers bags, true and fake or replica is not clear,the same LV bag is also SO MANY, but there are still someone in the Paris Champs Elysees Street LV store line to buy a LV bgas and waiting for the payment , Or someone like me,can waiting for an LV canvas bag for two months, is it?


Louis Vuitton Bags, not only loved by the chinese people. 

Think that people love vanity, spend money to buy LV is because the logo is very high awareness:this idea is one-sided, that only the Chinese people like LV, Europeans like to keep the better,more well-known and more expensive brand bags is wrong too .

If you have been to Milan,then you should know that the highest rate of the local appearance is LV old flower bag, both men and women. To visit the luxury shop, gathered in the four corners, full of old flowers lv bags on the street, with all the locals. In foreign countries, have seen a dress off the white uncle bought five different styles of LV handbags, and are old flowers, the manager was happy to come up with champagne.

We all know that the Japanese love to buy brand names, living in Tokyo more than 20 years old girl, 92% of people have LV bag. Now in the global second-hand bags market, the best selling is LV.
According to Exane BNP Paribas and second-hand luxury goods business Instant Luxe completed the report,it shows that the first half of 2015, LV handbags and small leather products dominate in the second-hand market.

Louis Vuitton, never make discount sale, the big brand .
Louis Vuitton, the world's largest sales of luxury brands. Over the past two hundred years, it has pushed the concept of "luxury" from the old aristocracy to the broader middle class, and has played the role of the rules of the luxury goods industry.
To some extent, LV and Prada, Gucci, Fendi, such brands do not belong to the same stream, LV never make a discount sale, it will not open a shop in the Outlets. In other words, those people who bought it will not have to have the "after buy then recently discounted" sad, only "how not in its lower price before the rise" regret. I was very naive, ask the clerk that if can not sell the goods how to deal with? Answer: we rarely can not sell the bag, it is ashamed.


Louis Vuitton Bags, is the most "resistant" bags
A few years ago there have been news reports, women with LV bag block bullets, survived. More exaggerated, Titanic sank the seabed, a few decades later from the salvage up a LV hard luggage, did not infiltrate half of the water, LV and therefore fame. Rumors more than a few years ago there is a LV customer,his home was on fire, clothing most of the torch, only a LV old flower Glace, the appearance was blackened deformation, inside the items are intact.
It can be seen, LV waterproof, fire legend, the authenticity of difficult to research, but it has been used to know that this is the same price brand , the most resistant bags.
Why Louis Vuitton Bags cost-effective so high, so many people love it?
LV pay attention to leather election materials ,in the first choice of the first choice of materials, the top leather absolutely LV, financial and advantages of ordinary brands difficult to match. The most famous flower pattern bag, in addition to the handle and the edge of the decoration is leather, the lining is the layer of canvas. 

Many people think that spending twenty thousand do not buy leather bags and buy canvas bag,absurd, but to know that in the LV canvas coating before the birth of the major brands are using the popular leather hard box.
LV unique recipe, using a painting, called Canvas material, plus a layer of waterproof PVC, completely changed the luggage market materials used pattern. Canvas coating wear, practical and waterproof, obviously higher than leather. At that time, canvas coating is much more expensive than leather.

And LV is the use of this special material to obtain a timeless, easy to wear the reputation.
However, China as the world's foundry, each year to produce thousands of brand bags, must undergo a rigorous review in order to have the opportunity to become a big foundry, so replica lv bags from china, the quality is not so low.
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Bags should be used, not support. When I was raining, I took the LV top on the head, and my friend said with a smile that "it was definitely fake," but she did not know that the LV luster was still dry; Thick book, carrying  back to the library the bag did not deformation; out of the door, everytime, do not know what to wear, my choice is LV.
LV bag like a faithful friend, do not need special care, and must not be underestimated, because he never disappointed your expectations.
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